CAT25 Overview


The CAT 25 is a totally self-contained 40 psi structural Non-Ferrous Composite multiple elliptical torrid underground disaster shelter designed to protect up to 25 adults for long periods or 50 people for short durations such as during tornadoes. The product was specifically designed and developed to protect people during and after disasters such as tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, storms, forest fires, power failures, nuclear power plant accidents, nuclear/chemical terrorism, HEMP attack and full-scale protracted nuclear, chemical and biological war. A tremendous effort has been made to think of every conceivable incident that shelterists could face in the CAT 25 shelter. Many geometrical shapes were experimented with before finalizing the CAT 25. The CAT 25 includes the Composite toroidal structure, Composite entranceway, Composite hatch, MCAS air filtration system for nuclear-biological-chemical environments, septic system, fiberglass flooring, fiberglass counter, diesel or propane internal diesel generator, hand crank generator back-up, fiberglass shower walls, fiberglass battery housings, two toilets, 12- volt deep cycle AGM batteries, air blower, lift station, all wiring, and all plumbing, etc. The CAT 25 requires approximately 2 man-hours hours to connect the entranceway to the shelter.

Base Price $366,400.00 USD

CAT25 Product Brochure
CAT25 Product Brochure (1.5MB PDF)

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